CAUTION stands for Common Americans United To Inspire OUR Nation and its mission is simple:

“To Unite. To Educate. To Inspire.”

CAUTION is a Conservative action group formed as a response to Glenn Beck’s 912 project.  In early summer 2009, a small group of individuals from Charlotte and the surrounding areas met at Sir Edmund Halley’s to create an outlet for their frustration with the government and politics in general.  Instead of creating a gripe session where one would simply complain about their frustrations, these individuals decided to do more.  They created a weekly get together that encompassed updates and discussions of current issues facing our nation, congressional correspondence, and a US history lesson.  This set of activities serves as an outlet for positive Conservative thought as well as enriching the minds of Conservative thinkers through knowledge about our nation’s history and founding.

CAUTION holds a very strong commitment to promoting solid, fundamental education on the history of our great nation. We also believe in finding common ground among the scores of Conservative groups that are popping up faster than legislation on the floors of Congress! Last, we seek opportunities to inspire our fellow countrymen to speak out and get involved by our very “common” grassroots approach and to influence others to believe (once again) that this is indeed OUR nation!

In CAUTION, everyone plays a part, everyone has a role…there can be no “benchwarmers” in a group that wants to be involved!

CAUTION’s official public debut was at the Charlotte Independence Day Tea Party.  Since then, the small group of 8 has rapidly outgrown its original location and now meets every Monday at Dilworth Neighborhood Grille in Charlotte.  Each week, new faces show up in addition to our regular members.  We have a wide range of age groups represented within CAUTION, and we’d like to invite those of you in the Charlotte area to give us a try!