Newsletter for May 25, 2015

” The working of great institutions is mainly the result of a vast mass of routine, petty malice, self-interest, carelessness, and sheer mistake. ”
– George Santayana

Hello Friend:

The state legislature is currently in session in Raleigh which means trouble for the citizens of North Carolina. REAL TROUBLE.

Governor Patrick McCrory submitted his version of what the budget for fiscal year 2016 should be. He wants the state to increase spending by 2.6%. Not to be outdone, the NC House passed their budget which would increase spending by 6.1%.

Representative Nathan Dollar ( I’m not making this up !!!! ) stated that the House budget was well within the combined rate of state population and inflation, and was entirely reasonable and deserved passage by the NC Senate.

So for the first time since Reconstruction the NC GOP has total control of state government and what do they give taxpayers ? Bigger government.

The fact that the Dems had control of state government ( For what ? 140 years ? ), and had governed like Democrats, which is to say like the socialists they are, and had given North Carolinians a vastly bloated, ineffective, governmental monstrosity begging to be dismantled, has not figured into what passes for GOP governance.

Representative Dollar and his colleagues would no more cut the size of state government ( i.e. spending ) than they would stop bribing businesses to set up operations in North Carolina.

There are some GOP members of the state senate who are indicating they would spend less than the house and give us some tax relief. We need REDUCED SPENDING AND TAX CUTS !!!!!

One can hope. Please join us Monday. We will talk about the true meaning of Memorial Day. If you have a personal story about a family member I intend to give you the opportunity of sharing it with our group.

On June 8, Craig Seibert of ” With Purpose International ” will talk to CAUTION about the spiritual underpinnings of our nation’s formation. On June 29, Dr. Roy Cordato, an economist with the John Locke Foundation, is going to give us a presentation about the lunacy of the solar power ” incentives ” North Carolina has lavished on that  ” industry “.

See you Monday !!!!!!!!!!

Best Regards,
Martin Davis
CAUTION President 2015