Newsletter for January 5, 2015

Greetings all!  Welcome to 2015!!

With a new year laying in wait before us, the possibilities are endless.  There is clearly a need in this community for a voice for limited government.  It is up to us to be that voice and to truly live up to our organization’s mission “To Unite, To Educate, and To Inspire”.

Our officer elections are scheduled for January 26, and the installation will occur on February 2. Before then, however, we have a lot of work to do to set the stage in preparation for what comes next.

Building membership and participation is significantly important.  Over the past two years we have welcomed in a plethora of speakers for our weekly meetings and have certainly fulfilled the educational goal of the group. While we have participated in some local policy issues, much more needs to be done in this regard.

Moving forward, clear and specific goals need to be set along with a path of action to accomplish those goals. When we welcome in new visitors to our “family”, it is imperative that they see a clear path to participating with us as the change agents we want to be.  From membership teams, to outreach, to policy creation, to media and public relations, to grassroots work; there are a number of jobs that need to be accomplished. There should always be something for someone to do that helps give them ownership and a reason to participate with us.

At this weeks meeting, we’d like to invite you to join us in discussing some of these specific needs in more detail.  While our officer core consists of four positions…President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer…there is no shortage of opportunity for leadership as an appointed chairman for a specific task. What are you interested in? How would you like to help?  How can our organization help YOU?

The first item of business is to solidify is an agreed upon structure.  The possible tasks need to be determined and put in writing.  People need to more easily find a way to participate with us, other than simply attending meetings to listen to a speaker.

Secondly, once the structure is in place, some goals need to be determined.  Keep in mind, these goals should fit into our Constitutional “Core Values and Principles”:

Economic Freedom: We embrace and value the individual’s creative and productive energies.
We seek to enable individual initiative by affirming private property rights, the sanctity of contracts, and open, competitive markets.
Individual Liberty:  We affirm the words of the Declaration of Independence that all people “are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.”  It is the purpose of government to secure the rights of the individual.
We respect the autonomy of all individuals and their right to use and/or dispose of their property in pursuit of their own aspirations.
We affirm the responsibility of all citizens to respect the rights of others.
Optimism: We remain inherently optimistic because we believe in the capability of people to manage their own affairs and advance their ideas and ideals.
Virtue/Honesty: We call on each other to live lives that reflect the ideals of liberty.  Such lives are characterized by humility, self-restraint, self-discipline, and self-reliance.

With all this in mind, we hope to see you on Monday, January 5 at the Dilworth Neighborhood Grille.  Our social hour begins at 5pm and the meeting runs from 6-7:30pm.

Come join us and be a part of what’s to come!!

We’re putting out this newsletter a bit earlier than usual so that you can have time in advance to brainstorm. Your ideas are very welcome!

See you soon,

The CAUTION Leadership Team

Upcoming Events:

We received this email and wanted to share it with the group.  We’ll bring it up again at the meeting.  It would be fun to take a group of us to this event:

Dear members of CAUTION:

I’m a playwright, and my documentary-style play CHATTING WITH THE TEA PARTY will be part of Actors Theatre of Charlotte’s NuVoices festival, with readings on Fri Jan 16 & Sat Jan 17. The play, based on over 63 hours of interviews I conducted with leaders of local Tea Party groups around the country, is neither an anti-Tea Party nor pro-Tea Party play. Its goal is to create a deeper understanding of the people in the Tea Party. I hope your members will consider attending. There will be a talkback session after each show. You can learn more and get
tickets ($10) at

January 9, 2015 – Liberty oriented performing artist Jordan Page will be in Charlotte for a one night show. The suggested donation is $20.  Please RSVP via this Facebook link as the event is at a private residence and you will need to be informed of the location.
A mix of acoustic rock, hard rock, and folk, Jordan puts forth a powerful lyrical message with equally impactful music to educate and entertain simultaneously. He embodies the protesting spirit of Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Steve Earle and Eddie Vedder before him, which is so rare in music today. Speaking truth to power in song, Jordan has raised his voice against Corporate Fraud and misguided Government policies with the
hopes of activating a new generation to social conscience and peaceful political protest.